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Productivity Commission Inquiry into More Effective Social Services: Submission December 2014 PPTA perspective on education in this inquiry
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December 15, 2016 15/12/16
Productivity Commission Social Services Report: Submission April 2015 PPTA response to the Draft Report of the Productivity Commission "Effective Social Services" 2015
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December 15, 2016 15/12/16
Productivity Commission: New Models of Tertiary Education: Response May 2016 Comments on the Productivity Commission's Issues Paper : New Models of Tertiary Education. PPTA is mainly concerned about what happens at the interface between secondary schools and tertiary education though we do have some general comments to make about the context and theoretical economic model that underpins the analysis.
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December 15, 2016 15/12/16
Productivity Gains from Workplace Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence (Snively) (2014) Employment is a key pathway out of domestic violence. The body of research about domestic violence over the past 30 years finds conclusively that staying in employment is critical to reducing the effects of violence. Security of employment enables those affected by domestic violence to maintain domestic and economic stability, in this way assisting them to find a pathway out of violence and to successfully re-build their lives.
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April 21, 2017 21/04/17
Professional Learning and Development (PLD) (2013) 2013 Annual conference paper. This paper explores the Professional Learning and Development infrastructure as it stands, considers teachers’ and leaders’ responses to the way it works, and suggests ways to make it better for the future. There is a growing understanding that the current contracting model pursued by the government since 2011 is failing schools and is in urgent need of improvement. There are also implications in this paper for the way PLD operates within schools.
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February 9, 2017 09/02/17
Professional Standards for Secondary Teachers, STCA 2015-2018 Criteria for quality teaching; teacher appraisal
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17
Professional learning and development (PLD) research report Part 1 (2013) This report uses teacher voice to show how the contracting model chosen by the New Zealand government in 2011-2013 to deliver professional learning and development to teachers fails to meet the learning needs of teachers.
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December 1, 2016 01/12/16
Professional learning and development (PLD) research report Part 2 (2014) This report should be read in conjunction with PPTA’s 2013 Research Report on Professional Learning and Development . It does not delve into the background details that were explored in that report and it takes as read a reasonable level of understanding of the state of PLD at present, both in terms of delivery and content.
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December 1, 2016 01/12/16
Professional learning and development (PLD) toolkit (2011) A toolkit comprising information and an audit process that can be used to support improved practices and outcomes for teachers and learners in New Zealand secondary and area schools.
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17
Professional learning plan (PLP) template for principals (June 2011) Template: Professional learning plan (PLP) for principals
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January 26, 2017 26/01/17
Professional standards for teachers and teacher education: Avoiding the pitfalls (April 2006) written by Martin Thrupp commissioned by NZPPTA and NZEI
Professional standards for teachers and teacher education can be 'generic' or 'specified'. Generic standards are broad descriptors of teachers' skills and knowledge. Specified standards attempt to define more precisely what is to be taught, what would count as evidence of the quality of that teaching and what would count as meeting the standard. ... This paper offers four arguments against introducing specified standards for New Zealand teachers and teacher education.
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17
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April 10, 2018 10/04/18
Publications archive PPTA documents and research that are no longer current but may be useful. Documents no longer available on government websites that relate to past PPTA Te Wehengarua collective agreement developments, initiatives and disputes.
December 7, 2016 07/12/16
Publishing student work (July 2017) PPTA ICT Advisory Committee guidance for teachers intending to publish student work.
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August 15, 2017 15/08/17
Quality Teaching for Excellence and Equity: Report from PPTA's Quality Teaching Taskforce The report of the PPTA Te Wehengarua Quality Teaching Taskforce (QTT). The Taskforce was set up to define the profession's case for what will promote and enhance system wide quality teaching for students,
December 6, 2016 06/12/16
Quality teaching for excellence and equity (2012) Report from PPTA's Quality Teaching Taskforce.
The focus here on the quality of teaching rather than the quality of teachers is deliberate. The phrase "teacher quality" personalises and fixes the terms of the discussion onto individual teachers, rather than recognising that teachers' work is highly contextualised and their ability to provide quality teaching depends on many factors.
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17
Quarterly funding This funding model has a pernicious effect on secondary schools making it difficult for them to make curriculum decisions at the beginning of the year because of the risk funding may reduce while costs remain the same. The impact falls particularly heavily on low-decile schools where the Government’s “priority learners” congregate.
December 12, 2016 12/12/16
Real equity funding: resourcing schools to support at risk learners (2016) 2016 Annual conference paper. The current resourcing review is an opportunity to improve the way our schools are funded. We know that we have a challenge in New Zealand with equity of achievement, and there is good evidence to suggest that the way we resource schools can make a difference to this.
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April 11, 2017 11/04/17
Registration form - Delegate Leadership Development workshop / Issues and Organising seminar (4 December 2017) Registration form for the PPTA Delegate Leadership Development workshop to be held on Friday 2 March 2018 and the PPTA Issues and Organising Seminar to be held on Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March 2018.
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December 4, 2017 04/12/17
Registration form - National Whakataetae mō Ngā Manu Kōrero 2017 ki Aotea (May 2017) National Whakataetae mō Ngā Manu Kōrero 2017 ki Aotea - “Manawanui Piharau” registration form.
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May 30, 2017 30/05/17
Requirement to appoint 60% of within school teachers (WSTs) to permanent positions in CoL schools The Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) and Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement require schools to make at least 60% of their within school teacher (WST) roles permanent.
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April 20, 2017 20/04/17
Response to Te Kotahitanga questionnaire critique (2007) Response to a critique of the Te Kotahitanga questionnaire, written by Professor Roger Openshaw and Associate Professor John Clark, School of Educational Studies, Massey University.
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December 7, 2016 07/12/16
Rest and meal breaks: Guidelines to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (2015) Guidelines from PPTA Te Wehengarua on rest and meal breaks for teachers.
Teaching can have a heavy and demanding workload. That's why it's important for your own health and safety - as well as your students' learning - that you have the opportunity to take regular breaks.

(restbreaks, mealbreaks)
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August 15, 2017 15/08/17
Restraint guidelines (Septemver 2017) Guidelines for senior leaders on the use of restraint

(Written for Senior Positions Advisory Committee (SPAC))
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October 16, 2017 16/10/17
Review of STAR and Gateway: Submission September 2013 PPTA has had a long-standing concern about the interface between school and employment, training and further education, in which these two programmes play a very significant part. We have completed a comprehensive report which will be presented at the PPTA Annual Conference in early October and it is suggested that it would be a very valuable consultative document to take into account when formulating recommendations arising from this review.
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December 15, 2016 15/12/16