Education Council plans to massively increase fees

The proposed teacher registration fee increases are substantial. It is important to protest now. In 2019, it will be too late.

The Education Council are consulting on raising their fees.  The increases they propose are substantial.  For example, the practising certificate renewal would go from $220 to $510 per three year period.

While PPTA  Executive will be making a submission on behalf of the whole membership, branches, regions and individual members should also respond.  

Members should remember that the current arrangement whereby the government pays teachers’ Education Council fees only lasts to the end of the existing collective agreements.  This is because it was agreed through the Terms of Settlement and not through clauses in the collectives themselves.  That means that to continue that payment would be a cost against any future settlements, at the expense of pay rises, and the government will be even more reluctant to pay it, knowing how high the fees are to rise.

It is important to protest now.  In 2019, it will be too late.

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Consultation closes 5pm Friday 5 May 2017

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