Oppose the National Act charter school deal

Charter school figleaf advertisement

The New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA) opposes the National and Act deal to dismantle New Zealand's public education system by introducing charter schools.

Have your say and make a submission on the Education Amendment Bill 2012.

Submissions have now closed

Link to PPTA webpage More information about making a submission on charter schools

Charter school figleaf advertisement

Family time, beach time, down time … that's the agenda for most of us right now.

The government is happy with that. It has its own agenda – the dismantling of New Zealand's public education system by introducing charter schools.

What better time for submissions to close on the Education Amendment Bill 2012 than on 24 January, when the nation is on holiday?

Charter schools represent a failed idea from the USA school system (hardly the envy of the education world) taken up by a failed New Zealand political party.

It is being railroaded through Parliament with unseemly haste.

But behind-closed-doors wheeling and dealing is what charter schools are about.

There will be no transparency and no accountability for spending public money.

Charter schools' annual accounts won't be scrutinised by the Auditor General's office, the Official Information Act won't apply and the Ombudsman will have no power to investigate.

So we'll never know where the money's going.

National and Act are hoping you will avert your eyes.

We urge you to do the opposite.

Tell Parliament you oppose the charter school assault on our public education system by visiting www.ppta.org.nz and clicking on ‘Make an online submission.'

This government has no mandate to americanise and privatise the public education system.

It belongs to us all.

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