Become a member of PPTA’s Rainbow Taskforce for Safe Schools

PPTA Executive is seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to fill a vacancy that has occurred on the Rainbow Taskforce. This vacancy is for a two-year term.

Nominations close Friday 1 December 2017

About the Rainbow Taskforce

The Rainbow Taskforce was first founded in 1993 (under the name Safe Schools Taskforce). It has been working since then towards the goal of making all schools safe and welcoming for sex, gender and sexuality diverse students, staff and family/whanau members. It meets about twice a year for a full day meeting, and at other times in conjunction with PPTA events such as Annual Conference and the Issues and Organising seminar.

pptaweb icon More information about the Rainbow Taskforce network

The Taskforce

1.    Provides advice to the Executive, to branches and to members on LGBTIQ+ issues
2.    Works politically to influence policy and practice on LGBTIQ+ issues
3.    Liaises with other organisations, e.g. SS4Q, to advance the union’s agenda
4.    Reports regularly to Annual Conference on its work
5.    Currently, some members of the Taskforce have been helping with the work of offering the Safer Schools for All workshops in schools for staff professional learning and development.  The union has been offering up to 20 of these per year since 2012.     

To be a PPTA representative on the Taskforce you need

•    Membership of PPTA
•    To be ‘out’ as a LGBTIQ+ person who is active within the LGBTIQ+ community, because your name, contact details and photo will be displayed on the PPTA website so that you can be contacted by members
•    To be able to get release from your school to attend meetings of the Taskforce
•    To have shown an interest in the work of the Taskforce, e.g. by being a member of PPTA’s Rainbow Network,  attending the Asia-Pacific Outgames human rights conference in March 2011, doing work on LGBTIQ+ issues in your school, etc
•    A commitment to ensuring that schools are safe places for LGBTIQ+ staff, students and family/whanau members, including, if possible, an ability to help with delivering the Safer Schools for All workshop referred to above.

Nomination process

The PPTA President and General Secretary have been delegated by the Executive the task of assessing the self-nomination forms and selecting the person who can make the best contribution to the work of the Taskforce.

Members wishing to be considered for the Rainbow Taskforce should

pptaweb icon Complete the online form by 5pm on Friday 1 December 2017.


Email Kirsty if you want to talk about the position, or phone Kirsty on 04-913 4242.

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