NETs news February 2017

Advice and support for PPTA members in their first 10 years of teaching

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Welcome back NETs 

Welcome to the first issue of the Network of Establishing Teachers (NETs) newsletter for 2017.  We hope you are settling in to the new school year and are looking forward to the challenges it will bring.

If you are a PPTA member in your first 10 years of teaching in New Zealand then this newsletter is for you.

Our job is to welcome you, support you and make sure you are fairly treated.

Establishing Teachers Committee (ETC)

The ETC is made up of a group of NETs, with support from PPTA staff, executive and Te Huarahi. The purpose of the group is to represent you, and to ensure that the concerns of beginning teachers are advanced at the national level. A couple of times a year there will be a call for people to self-nominate for this committee, and this is your chance to join. This will be done via this newsletter and PPTA Collective News emails.

NETs conference - Looking Forward Looking Back 

This year the ETC will be hosting the biennial NETs Conference This time it is in Christchurch, immediately after Easter. It is a great opportunity to meet other beginning teachers, attend workshops on issues specifically pertaining to NETs, and find out what support PPTA can offer you.

For further information check out the Network of Establishing Teachers community page or email

Fixed term appointments - know your rights 

A fixed term appointment is when your job at a school is temporary rather than permanent and we know beginning teachers are disproportionately appointed as fixed term teachers - PPTA advisory officer Georgie Dansey provides advice on what to look out for on the Field officers' advice page 

Help us spread the word 

You have received this email newsletter because we have the correct email details for you in our database.Please check with other NETs to ensure they have received the newsletter. If they are not members, encourage them to join.

If they are members but did not receive the newsletter encourage them to email so we can ensure we have the correct details for them.

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