Part-time equal pay case

Everybody deserves equal pay for equal work. That's why we've taken a case so part time teachers can finally get the same rate of non-contact time that full time teachers do.

On 30 June 2017 PPTA and four courageous PPTA members lodged a legal case with the Employment Relations Authority and sought mediation to resolve the long-standing issue of part-time secondary teachers not receiving pro-rata non-contact time (or compensation in lieu of this time).  

Mediation was the first step towards resolution. 

We went in hopeful that we could resolve the injustice but sadly it was not to be.
The ministry has actually gone backwards in it’s analysis of the issue since 2008, when they acknowledged non-contact time for part time teachers was a pay equity issue. Now they’re saying it’s just a problem that crops up here and there, and nothing to do with the fact that most part time teachers are women.

Well, they are wrong. And our next step is to take the issue to the Employment Relations Authority. We are hopeful the judge will see things with a whole lot more clarity than the ministry.

Part time case Claimants 2017

Leanne Donovan, Pam Foyle, PPTA president Jack Boyle, Lisa Hargreaves and Debra Eno


We have been trying to resolve this injustice for over 16 years. We have developed and offered a myriad of solutions, with different models and flexible options. We have tried righting the discrimination through six rounds of collective bargaining of the Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement. There has been a workstream with the Ministry, facilitation with the Department of Labour and a four year pay and employment equity review.

In late 2015, when PPTA members ratified the new collective agreement, members also voted to endorse the PPTA executive’s decision to take an equal pay case on behalf of our part-time members.

Since then we have identified part time members who wanted to be part of the case, doing background research and following the law (as it has changed) to ensure that we are able to take the strongest case possible. 

You can download the answers to questions about the case here: Part time case FAQs

How can you help?

Send a message of support to the brave part-time members who have volunteered to be part of the case.

It’s a big deal to put everything on the line for the sake of what’s right for us all; your support will buoy their spirits and strengthen their resolve!

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There's more information about the case, including a powerpoint presentation for use at PPTA branch meetings, in the members-only section of the site.

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