Promise to new teachers

This Promise to New Teachers was developed as a way for schools to show their commitment to new teachers, giving them the working conditions that they need to thrive.

Most new teachers (77%) are employed in a temporary position in their first school. Research shows that teachers who do not have supportive and positive experiences in their first teaching jobs are less likely to stay in the profession.

Considering the growing prevalence of teacher supply concerns and issues of recruitment and retention we believe it is time that real action is taken to ensure the best start to new teachers' careers.

The Promise to New Teachers is a way for Boards of Trustees, principals and school communities to show responsibility for the future of the profession. By signing this promise  your school community demonstrates a shared mutual commitment to new teachers in your school.

promise new teachers darfield spcTaking responsibility for the profession - make it happen

If you want your school to sign up to The Promise to New Teachers here’s how you can make it happen.

1.    Talk to your PPTA branch chair about The Promise and why you should sign up. Offer to help them to arrange a branch meeting to discuss the issue. Invite your Field Officer along, they can support you.

2.    Hold a branch (school) meeting where you discuss why your school should sign up. You can show the PowerPoint presentation. Hold a branch vote to agree to support The Promise, which then gives the branch authority to ask your principal and board to support it too.

ppt iconWhy sign up to the Promise (PowerPoint presentation)

3.    Write to the principal and board chair asking them to sign up. You may want to offer to meet with the principal and/or board of trustees about it too.

msword icon Model letter template

4.    Once your principal and board have signed email to let us know. We will add your school to the list and send you a copy of The Promise with your school name for the school to display.

5.    Hold a ‘signing celebration’: invite the principal and board chair to a branch gathering where they can sign it and talk about how your school is committed to doing right by new teachers. Send us photos or upload them to social media so we can share the good news too.

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Schools supporting new teachers

These schools have signed The Promise to New Teachers:

Albany Senior High School
Bay of Islands College
Buller High School
Catholic Cathedral College
Darfield High School
Edgewater College
Fiordland College
John Paul College
Western Springs College

Teachers in the precariat

Paul Stevens presents Teachers in the Precariat to PPTA annual conference 2016.

(at 32 minutes in video)


pdf buttonTeachers in the precariat (Annual conference paper)



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