2017 general election - PPTA priorities

PPTA Te Wehengarua priorities for the 2017 general election.

PPTA priorities for election 2017 are based on established membership policy and reflect the voice of teachers:

1. A long term plan to advance public education

New Zealand’s leaders need to collaborate with teachers and communities in planning to advance public education. The plan needs to be coherent, long-term and properly resourced.

  • Empower students, teachers and parents to lead educational change.
  • Review the outdated ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ model and come up with a plan with children at its heart.
  • Make education about children, not money. Reverse the privatisation of education, including charter schools.

2. Fairness and equality for students

Each child is different and it is our role as teachers to bring out those unique strengths. We want all students to leave school equipped with the skills, confidence, values and knowledge that will allow them to make the most of every opportunity.

  • Give children and families all the services they need in one place by making schools the hub of the community.
  • Enable children to reap the benefit of small class sizes and more one-on-one teaching by increasing the number of teachers.
  • Increase and apportion funding so every child gets the quality education they deserve.

3. Making teaching a desirable career

We need teaching to be a meaningful and respected career that people are proud to pursue. 

  • Raise salaries so graduates see teaching as a great career.
  • Provide high quality professional development for all teachers to maximise their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Ensure teachers have more time to spend with each child by reducing over-assessment, unproductive box-ticking, and red tape.


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